AFCA Membership Application

How to Join
Please complete the AFCA Membership Application Form and submit it to the AFCA’s Membership Affairs Department through below email. The AFCA will then verify the eligibility of your organization and provide further information. You will be formally accepted after your membership application is reviewed and approved by AFCA’s Board of Directors.
AFCA Membership Application Form
Asian Financial Cooperation Association Institutional Membership Application Form.docx
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Membership FAQ
1. What are the types of AFCA membership?
AFCA members consist of institutional members and individual members. Institutional members primarily include financial institutions, associations of the financial industry, government related agencies, and relevant professional service agencies from Asian countries and regions. Individual members mainly comprise executives, senior specialists and scholars with significant influences in financial fields in the region.
Financial institutions beyond Asia are also welcome to join in AFCA.
Types of institutional members:
banks, securities companies, insurance companies, fund management companies, asset management companies, futures, international financial centers, industry associations, fintech and financial services companies.   

2. What qualifications do you need to apply for AFCA’s membership?
        (1) To support and comply with AFCA’s Articles;
        (2) To voluntarily apply for AFCA’s membership;
        (3) To have good reputation and significant influences in their countries or regions; and
        (4) Other conditions required by AFCA.
3. What is the procedure of applying for AFCA membership?
        (1) To submit the membership application form and related materials;
        (2) The Secretariat of AFCA shall conduct a preliminary review for the materials from the applicants;
        (3) The application materials and qualifications of the applicants shall be submitted to the Steering Committee Meeting for deliberation when they meet the requirements;
        (4) After the approval of the Steering Committee Meeting and the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the application materials shall be submitted to review by the Board of Directors or the Executive Board of AFCA;
        (5) Applicants of institutions and individuals upon approval shall be granted membership certifications from the Secretariat within twenty (20) working days after having pay their membership fees in accordance with the regulations; and the Secretariat shall sign the membership agreement with members as required; and;
        (6) Applicants of institutions or individuals have failed approval shall be notified and explained in a timely manner.
4. What are the benefits of AFCA membership?
        (1) The right to vote and to be elected.
        (2) The right to speak and make proposals at relevant conferences of AFCA;
        (3) To participate in activities organized by AFCA;
        (4) To access to services provided by AFCA with priority;
        (5) To supervise work of AFCA and give criticism and suggestions;
        (6) To voluntarily join in or withdraw from AFCA; and
        (7) Other rights granted by AFCA.
5. What obligations do members need to fulfill?
        (1) To comply with AFCA’s Articles, and enforce its resolutions;
        (2) To protect AFCA’s legal rights and interests, and protect members’ common interests;
        (3) To actively assist with AFCA’s work and participate in AFCA’s activities;
        (4) To complete AFCA’s work;    
        (5) To pay membership fees as stipulated;
        (6) To present documents to AFCA that are not assumed to be business secretes by most people; and
        (7) Other obligations to be fulfilled by members.