FinTech Cooperation Committee Brief Introduction

     FinTech represents the organic integration of finance and information technology. It applies cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and other new technology to upgrade, renovate and evenoverturn the products and service provided by traditional financial industry, bringing in new challenge to financial market. The wide-spread application of FinTech in future financial industry will effectively facilitate financial innovation and promote the efficiency of financial service and its capabilityto control risks.
     This Committee is established to provide effective support to the economic growth and financial market development in Asia. It will gather Asian financial institutions, scholars, professionals, etc. to tap into the influence of FinTech on financial market, and in the meanwhile plays an active role inrationally guiding the FinTech development in the region, and planning FinTech strategy. The Committee will help deepen the reform of financial system,intensify international communication to further integrate with the global financial market, and lead the innovative development of the world finance.
     The Committee devotes itself to the mission of the following:
     1. To set up a liaison mechanism, regularizethe connections among members, intensify the relationship between all the participants in the industry, and to create a friend circle for regional FinTech workers.
   2. To promote the members to leave the “information islet” to seek for intersection of information, integrate information data, build a platform to share regional financial information, promote the deep integration of high and new technology, such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, with financial business, and to form adecentralized platform for interdisciplinary and cross-industry FinTech cooperation. 
     3. To hold regional high-level forums on FinTech, formulate report on the development of FinTech in the region, create a regional think tank on FinTech, and to build a platform for regional ideas exchange on FinTech.
   4. To summarize and promote the best practicein FinTech, and build a platform to guide social responsibility for FinTech development in the region.
    5. To organize and represent members to communicate with related regions and inter-governmental FinTech cooperation organization in the world, to express opinions, contribute wisdom and providesolutions, to build an international platform to participate in the governance of FinTech.
     6. To facilitate regional cooperation in FinTech, promote the sharing and complementation of FinTech resources, and to achieve interconnection and technology upgrading of financial infrastructure in the region.
     7. To strengthen the coordination of policies on FinTech in the region and promote the combination of technological safety and risk prevention in FinTech, so as to create a new pattern for Asian financial ecology.