Founded in October 1949 and headquartered in Beijing, The People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China Limited (abbreviated as PICC Group or PICC) is the first nationwide insurance company in China and has developed into a leading large-scale integrated insurance financial group in the People’s Republic of China, ranking the 114th on the Global 500 (2017) published by the Fortune magazine. On December 7th 2012, PICC Group successfully completed its IPO on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code 01339), which was China’s first group listing of state-owned financial insurance conglomerate.
        As an investment holding company, PICC Group has multiple subsidiaries including PICC Property and Casualty Company Limited, PICC Asset Management Company Limited, PICC Health Insurance Company Limited, PICC Life Insurance Company Limited, PICC Investment Holding Company Limited, PICC Capital Investment Management Company Limited, PICC Financial Services Company Limited, PICC Reinsurance Company Limited, PICC Pension Company Limited, The People’s Insurance Company of China (Hong Kong) Limited, PICC Asset Management (Hong Kong) Company Limited and Zhongsheng International Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.. PICC Group also has offices respectively in New York and London. Besides nationwide operation of property insurance, life insurance and asset management business, the strategic layout of PICC Group has also covered non-insurance financial field, with business scope extending to banking and trust. In addition, PICC Group pays much attention to overseas insurance market and seeks to explore business abroad. PICC Property and Casualty Company Limited, a subsidiary of PICC Group, is the largest public nonlife insurance company in Asia. In 2003, PICC Property and Casualty Company Limited (stock code 02328) was successfully listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becoming the first domestic financial institution listed overseas.