Everbright Group was established in 1983 and commenced its operation on 18 August. At the beginning of its establishment, Everbright Group was principally engaged in foreign trade and industrial investment.It was an important bridgehead for the PRC at the beginning of reform and opening-up period as well as an important forerunner for the PRC’s development of financial holding groups. 
       From the early 1990s to the beginning of 2000s, China Everbright (Group) Corporation was established, actively conducted financial business and proactively turned back to the domestic business, meanwhile explored and made access to the capital market in Hong Kong. The financial entities, namely Everbright Bank, Everbright Securities and Everbright Insurance, were successively established, and acquired and restructured listed companies in Hong Kong, namely Everbright International and Everbright Limited. Through those development and expansion and after exploration in difficult situation, the Everbright brand was finally “building”. During the subsequent more than a decade, facing the challenge of global financial crisis, the established Everbright implemented two rounds of reform and restructuring. On 8 December 2014, as approved by the State Council, Everbright Group was transformed from wholly State-owned enterprises into limited liability company by shares, and officially renamed as “China Everbright Group Limited”. The Group has been ranked as one of the “Global 500” by the Fortune for three consecutive years since 2015, realizing “expanding”
        Nowadays, Everbright Group has been recording a rapid growth in size of assets, notable improvement in profitability, gradual enhancement in management level and continuous increasing in social contribution. It has owned several listed companies domestically and overseas, namely Everbright Bank, Everbright Securities, Everbright Limited, Everbright International , Everbright Grand China, etc. 
        In the next step, Everbright Group will focus on the requirements of the Central Economic Work Conference, with an strategic objective to create and become a world’s first class financial holding group with global competitiveness. According to the overall requirements of “refinement of finance, optimization of industry and strengthening the Group”, we will continuously push forward the pace of building a world’s first class enterprise, making our contributions to promotion of the economic development of the PRC in high quality.