Established in 1944, Bangkok Bank is one of Southeast Asia’s largest regional banks with total assets of over 3 trillion baht. We are a leading provider of corporate finance and SME lending in Thailand, with approximately 240 business centers and business desks, and we also have the country's largest retail customer base of more than 17 million accounts.

       Our business-banking services include syndicated loans, debt securities underwriting, trade finance, project finance, custodial services, SME and merchant services, and specialist industry advice. We service both our business and retail customers through nationwide branch network, phone banking, and a convenient easy-to-use bilingual internet and mobile-banking platform enabling fast, round-the-clock banking.

       Our ongoing market leadership is due to our philosophy of developing long-term supportive partnerships with our customers, as well as focusing on the future by developing secure, digital ways to bank and manage money. Subsidiaries such as BBL Asset Management (Bualuang Fund) and Bualuang Securities also enable us to offer our customers exclusive investment opportunities.

       We also champion good business practices, new technologies, and new ways of thinking to help meet future challenges and build a sustainable, more affluent Thailand.